About Us

Founded by healthcare workers, Ludamus has set out to effect positive change in the lives of children battling disease. We believe that all children, regardless of race, creed, faith or illness deserves to play. With over 10 years of pediatric experience, we are commited to joining these children in their fight by equipping them with everything they need to play free of charge. Our unique platform was founded on the concept that communities can effect change synergistically, acheiving goals and promoting change that would otherwise be impossible alone. Join our community to be part of the change!

Our NFTs allow us to achieve this goal by donating toys to pediatric hospitals to support healing through play. In times of adversity, these are more than toys or a distraction from illness, they are a promoter of normalcy and support. Our ToyBox allows our minters to select a toy that will then be donated to a pediatric hospital in the United States. We are based in Irvine, California and will be distributing these toys locally in these begining stages, with the intent of expanding further to pediatric hospitals throughout the United States.